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week 20

Finley is hitting some major developmental milestones lately. Each milestone she achieves, I am immensely happy, proud, and amazing. But another part of me- my heart, I suppose- aches a little bit, knowing that with each new milestone, another one has passed by. Don’t get me wrong, I want Finley to develop and hit each mark that she should- and she has, and will continue to do so. But part of me mourns how fast she is growing and changing. Each week! So, she is now able to eat solid foods, sit up unassisted (most of the time), lay on her tummy while propping herself up with her arms (yoga-style), she smiles all the time (ALL THE TIME), she looks towards a person who is talking, and she coos and talks to herself. We just call her child genius, gifted, and advanced! She is predictable in her schedule- wakes around 7am and nurses, naps around 9, wakes and eats some solids, nurses then naps again around noon (long nap), wakes + nurses, plays, naps around 4pm, then dinner (solids), then nursing and solid food dinner and then bedtime. She is amazing, wonderful, and a complete joy to be around.