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week 18

I’ve been delinquent once again in keeping up on my posts… this week was a big one for Finley, as she had her first solid foods.  After almost six months of exclusively breast feeding (from the breast, no bottles here), we decided that it was now time.  She also has been extremely interested in watching us eat.  Her first baby “meal” was Earth’s Best stage 1 Pears with Rice Cereal + breast milk. Loved it. Then apples. Also loved them. Bananas? Liked them, too.  I think it’s safe to say that she is a pretty un-picky eater (like her mom, possibly?). Every time it’s meal time, she gets so excited and tries to grab the spoon to feed herself. She’s so independent!  It’s great that Martin can now be a part of the feeding process.  And it’s so stinkin’ cute to see her sweet little face covered with baby puree.

first solids