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I’m back…

It has been almost a year since I posted. I failed (miserably) at my 52-week project.  I am not one for excuses (and this isn’t one), but I guess I just found it challenging to keep up with posting. Taking photos was the easy part. But with one breast usually connected to a human, updating this blog just wasn’t happening.

So, here I am. Almost a year after my failed attempt.  Life has been good. Really good, actually. I have been knee-deep in being a mom to the n’th degree and have been taking the slow approach to continually improving my photography skills. I’ve learned that patience (which I have never had much of), is the best approach for me in honing a style and skill that will persevere this new art of mine.  Mostly, I’ve been directing my on-hand models to shift in different angles- look here, do this-do that… and I feel like a paparazzi.  To my husband and daughter, I’ve wondered lately if I’m becoming bossy, predictable, boring, or all of those.  (“Lately?” my husband asks…)

To re-invigorate myself and give myself a renewed sense of direction with this passion, I recently attended Kristianne Koch Riddle’s In the Loupe Workshop in San Clemente, CA.  Kristianne’s graceful and effortless style and her depth of emotion in her work has inspired me unconditionally since I met her at the Wallflowers Retreat almost two years ago (when I was 8 months pregnant with wicked swollen kankles).  When she announced that she would be putting together a workshop, I jumped at the opportunity.  With over 20 years of photography experience (including extensive film work), Kristianne is knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and she delivers an artwork that speaks and moves.  Needless to say, I emerged from In The Loupe feeling re-connected, re-inspired, re-intrigued, rejuvenated, and re-interested.  I also made new friends who I am so excited to network with in the future.

I now find myself on a quest to photograph others with a natural approach which seems to be becoming my natural “style.”  I yearn to record others in their authentic moments without dictation, without pose.  Okay, with some direction, but that’s different than dictation, right?

Here are some images from the workshop.  It was nothing short of amazing.  I can’t wait to capture more moments like these, in Montana. Stay tuned…